Installation & Maintenance Tips

  • We recommend at least 6 inches of topsoil when installing sod. Remember the better the soil the better the sod.
  • Always grade soil 1 inch below driveways, sidewalks and other edges bordering the location of installation.
  • WATER! WATER! WATER! Start watering immediately. Turn on the water once a sprinkler can cover the area of an installed section of sod.
  • Follow the rule of 2 and you will have a great lawn. The rule of 2 (2 days, 2 weeks) is always over saturate the sod the first 2 days. Once you think it’s good and wet, keep watering. Then keep it moist for the first 2 weeks. It will need more water on windy and/or sunny days. After the first 2 weeks it may need water if the weather gets hot and dry (especially in the summer months).
  • Please do not install sod, water that day, then leave town for the weekend. The results will not be good when you return. This happens more then you would think.
  • For a beautiful healthy lawn year after year we recommend fertilizing 3 times a year. An easy fertilizing schedule to follow is around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

products 3D bluegrassUltra 3-D Bluegrass

Ultra 3D (darker, denser, dwarfer) sod really makes any home or business stand out in the neighborhood. Our sod has 2 sizes to fit the needs of our customers.

10 square foot (2ft x 5ft) small rolls

48 inch wide big rolls offer the ability to easily install sod fast and efficiently. Big roll installing attachments (forks or 3 point hitch) can be delivered with sod.

Forklift DeliveryLocal Forklift Delivery

We offer forklift delivery for our 10 square foot (2ft x 5ft) small rolls and 48 inch wide big rolls. Big roll installing attachments (forks or 3 point hitch) can be delivered with sod. Call 414-425-7767 for delivery options.